Doverie – Grizha EAD manufactures washing, cleaning and dishwashing detergents under the brand “IZI (EASY)”.

The company, first registered under the name of VEKO EOOD, owns two factories (in the town of Troyan and in the village Debnevo), certified under ISO 9001:2008 and equipped with modern machinery and equipment.

In the factory in Troyan the only spraying tower in Bulgaria has been installed to produce washing powder by homogenizing the raw materials and drying them in such a tower. Using this technology a granular washing powder is obtained with equal proportions of raw materials in each granule; up to 100% solubility in water and economic washing dose in terms of dosing and price. Due to these merits, in 2013 IZI washing powder was awarded a gold medal for quality at Plovdiv International Fair.

The factory for liquid detergents is equipped with a line with a capacity of 2 tons per hour. Both factories can execute orders for private labels.

In November 2014, VEKO EOOD received the Gepard award for the most dynamically developing company in Lovetch region for 2014, awarded each year by Kapital newspaper.

Our most valuable capital is not the machines and equipment but our customers’ trust that motivates and inspires us for new achievements. IZI strives to meet all your expectations for cleanliness, comfort and a healthy living environment. We work hard every day to create quality products and to maintain their high level.

Since July 2017 VEKO EOOD is owned by Doverie – United Holding AD, thus it joined the Sopharma Group. Since January 2018 the company VEKO EOOD has been transformed to Doverie – Grizha EAD.

IZI – no compromise in washing and cleaning!