Have you wished with one product to clean the whole house?

I use the universal cleaning product IZI.

With it I clean terracotta, faience, smooth surfaces made of metal and enamel – moreover, it is not harmful for the laminate.

For proper dosing, dissolve two caps or 60 ml, in 5 liters of water.






Has it happened to you, when you wash your clothes, then to have difficulty in ironing them or they stick to you because they are electrified?

To avoid that, I use IZI fabric softener.





All of us know how important it is to care for our favorite clothes.

That’s why when we wash them, it’s good to use a detergent that is not aggressive to the delicate textiles and takes care for them.

That’s why I use IZI, liquid washing detergent.


You can find it in 3 variations – for colorful, white and black laundry.



Do you know that IZI has a formula that makes the laundry powder very concentrated and at the same time lightwight?

Did you know that for 5 kg of dry laundry you only need 40 g (160 ml) of washing powder IZI?

Did you know that IZI dissolves to 100% and is allergen- free?







Unlike standard powders, IZI is lightweight and concentrated.

It washes with a small weight, thanks to the light and bulky granules.






IZI liquid washing detergent is easy to use.

With its formula, IZI is not aggressive to the fabrics of the clothes, it gives a wonderful fragrance and it is allergen- free.






The undissolved laundry powder on washed clothes is now just a memory.

IZI is the last generation of Bulgarian laundry powder – lightweight and concentrated.

This makes it first economical because it reduces the wash dose and secondly it completely dissolves, even in cold water.

Delicate fragrance and allergen- free.