What do the symbols for washing and care for clothes mean

  1. Decoding labels

We all want to keep our clothes as new and pretty as when we have bought them from the store. In many cases we do not know how to read the labels on them properly and this leads to shortening their life. Usually, the results are shrinking or stretching of the garment, fading colours, etc. Of course, all this can be avoided if we know the meaning of the symbols on the label, the manufacturers are required to attach. Labels are something like instructions for storage and washing. If we follow their guidelines for treating the garment, we will store it for much longer in our wardrobe and keep it as new for several seasons.

  1. Hand wash.
  2. Do not wash.
  3. Hand wash at a maximum temperature of 30 ºC, do not rub, do not twist.
  4. Wash by hand or in a washing machine at a temperature not higher than the specified one.
  5. Wash by hand or in a washing machine. Strictly observe this temperature. Do not subject the fabric to heavy mechanical processing.
  6. Very delicate washing with plenty of water, minimum mechanical processing at low revolutions.
  7. Processing with chlorine bleach is allowed. Use only cold water and soak after complete dissolution of the powder.
  8. Do not use bleach-containing detergents (chlorine).
  9. Suitable for ironing.
  10. Iron at a maximum temperature of the iron of 110 ºC. This rule applies for synthetic fibers. Iron through a cloth and without steam.
  11. Iron at a maximum temperature of the iron of 150 ºC. Valid for wool and mixed fibers with polyester and viscose. Iron through a wet cloth.
  12. Iron at a maximum temperature of the iron of 200 ºC. Applies to linen and cotton.
  13. Dry clean only.
  14. Dry clean with any solvent.
  15. Clean with hydrocarbons containing chlorine and ethylene compounds.
  16. Clean with hydrocarbons and methane compounds.
  17. Clean with ethylene hydrocarbons and chlorine with limited water addition.
  18. Clean with hydrocarbon and methane compounds with limited water addition. Mechanical actions and drying temperature are controlled.
  19. Tumble dry.
  20. Do not tumble dry.
  21. Tumble dry at medium temperature.
  22. Tumble dry at high temperature.
  23. Hang dry after removing excess water.
  24. Drip dry.
  25. Dry flat.

Table for washing temperature