Sodium water glass is used in the foundry, paper and cardboard industry, for production of washing powders, acid- and water-resistant coating, as an adhesive in construction.

Our company is the largest and most reliable manufacturer of filtered and standard water glass in Bulgaria and on the Balkans.

  • Production capacity – 20 tons a day
  • Permanent stock of all modules – 80-100 tons
  • Capacity of finished product storage – (cisterns) – 300–350 tons
  • Manufactured modules of water glass during all seasons – from 2,2 to 3,2.
  • Cistern load time 20 tons – not more than 30 minutes


The company works with reliable suppliers of the raw material which guarantees continuous production process during all seasons of the year.

Manufactured modules of sodium silicate solution (water glass), according to BDS (Bulgarian State Standard) 2284-74. The standard refers to sodium silicate solution used in the soap, paper, chemistry, machine-building, metallurgical and other industries.

Test items Water glass
Water glass
Water glass
for foundries)
Appearance Syrupy liquid, with no mechanical inclusions visible to the naked eye
Density at 20 °С 1,36-1,45 1,33-1,40 1,45-1,50
Content of silica, % 25-30 24-30 23,5-29
Content of diiron and dialuminum trioxide, %, not more than 0,7 0,7 0,7
Content of calcium oxide, %, not more than 0,2 0,5 0,5
Content of sulfur trioxide, %, not more than 0,2 0,2 0,2
Content of sodium oxide, % 8-9 9-11 11-12
Module 3,0-3,5 2,6-3,0 2,2-2,5


During the cold months of the year (t under 10 °С), the sodium silicate solution for foundry purposes should comply with quality parameters “B”, with density at 20 °С 1,48-1,52.


At the user’s request, production of sodium silicate solution with another density is admissible.


The module of the sodium silicate solution is determined by the ratio between the number of grammols of silica and that of sodium oxide:


М = (А/B) х 1,032



А – content of silica, in %;

B – content of sodium oxide, in %;

1,032 – the ratio of the molecular masses of sodium oxide and silica.



  • metal barrels of 300-320 kg
  • plastic cisterns 1 cubic meters /about 1,5 tons/

• metal cisterns with capacity of 20-24 tons.


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